Monday, 9 October 2017

6 Months

Well I expected this milestone to be a lot of things but “uplifting” was not one of them.

Some months ago I decided to take part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon. I chose this race for a number of reasons. I wanted to do something for myself but something manageable, not too taxing. I also wanted to commemorate the date somehow. It just so happened that this half marathon fell on that date. A coincidence that it was the only race Katie had ever done back in 2009? That the course went past the hotel in which we were married? Behind the balcony on which we had our wedding pictures? Who knows? But I have learnt not to believe in coincidences. Except of course for the white feathers I kept seeing after Katie died, turned out I had a whole in my puffer jacket!! Deflating, both figuratively and literally!!

Upon registering, Katie’s brother Daniel and sister Rebecca (who ran with Katie in 2009) signed up too. Soon after so did my best friend Nick, Katie’s best friend Amie and a number of other good  friends too. My other best mate Jon who is a trainer offered his services to get us all through the gruelling weeks ahead.

Our chosen charity was the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

So yesterday arrives and though I feel nervous and somewhat emotional I am also at ease. You see I was surrounded by love. Not for me but for Katie. There we all were, together, honouring our  best friend, sister, wife. She was our inspiration once more and we were united by her love and memory.

I ran past the hotel in which we were married and kissed my wedding ring and held my fist aloft, a lump formed in my throat, then I thought about how proud she would be and I smiled. That was it, she was with me, I knew it. She was with us all.

It was a beautiful race and the crowd, weather and support were incredible. As I crossed the finish line I grabbed Nick and kissed his sweaty head(I couldn’t have done it without him, he turned up at my door and got me out running when I just wanted to mope!) I again kissed my wedding ring and held it up to the sky.

I am so thankful to everyone who took part yesterday, and to everyone who supported us. By honouring Katie we keep her and her memory alive. By raising money for such a worthy cause we also keep her wishes alive, that maybe, one day cancer can be treated or even cured and when we do both these things perhaps we are also healing ourselves and learning to move forward in life despite such a terrible loss. That would mean more to Katie than anything else.

Love and hugs to all xxxx

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  1. well done! everything in good time...


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