Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Time Of My Life

So here it is.....The Time Of My Life Campaign video. I cannot tell you how proud. Am of this, how proud Katie would be. To carry on her work and her message is a privilege. It is not one I enjoy nor did I ask for but I feel duty bound all the same.

I will not write much more on this today but please like and share the video and help send a message that everybody deserves access to cancer drugs in the UK. #TimeOfMyLife.

Love and hugs to all xxxx


  1. She's so beautiful. You two are beautiful. Her energy is as alive now as it always was. Love you both xxx

  2. I worked with Katie from the start-up of Sanctuary Lodge which was in June 2014. I first met her when the boss (Eytan Alexander) took us both for lunch, I think in April. She also came with us on one occasion in May when I was looking for a place to rent. At one place all three of us were entertained by a rather strange tall man who finished off my visit to him by fixing me with a glassy stare and saying "I keep guns…" He may just have been politely asking me out shooting… Eytan and Katie were both begging me not to stay with this man in the car afterwards. I think they were scared for my life!

    She was an very capable therapist and was excited about working in a new treatment centre. She had training in "sand tray therapy" and she was very skilful at it. I witnessed her do several groups. The clients would begin by thinking this was some sort of child's play, with a tray of sand and toy animals. By the end of it they would experience it as something extremely emotionally powerful.

    She worked at Sanctuary Lodge until late 2014. She had told me she was worried about her health and she came to the Christmas party. I only saw her once after her diagnosis when she came up to the treatment centre to pick up some stuff that she had left I there and we had lunch together. She had driven herself up and was looking well at that time. I think that must have been July 2016.

    I wouldn't say I was close to her because I wasn't a family friend and I only knew her in a work context. I got on with her very well and I liked her enormously and I think she liked me. She had a wonderful sense of humour and we had lots of laughs (particularly about the man with the guns!) I used to take walks with her in the lunch-break. I do think about her every day.

    Patrick Douglas-Hamilton

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Your name was always spoken of fondly by Katie, she considered you her friend and ally!

      Thank you for sharing this with me! I remember the story about the gun man!

      I hope you all is well in your world.

      Daniel xx

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