Wednesday, 30 August 2017

What would Katie do?

I mentioned the above question a  number of times during my eulogy to Katie on the 10th April 2017.

You see I had no idea how I was going to do a eulogy for my wife. How would I find the words? The strength? The presence of mind?

 And then it came to me, what would Katie do?

Well I already knew the answer. I had already seen her almost exactly a year earlier stand up and deliver a eulogy for her dear mum Sue who had passed away from the same terrible disease. Katie was unwell herself at the time and was not long out of hospital yet here she was defiantly standing up and eulogising Sue with her usual eloquence and a poise and dignity that once again left me in awe of her and her indefatigable spirit.

For me as well as many others Katie was a beacon of truth, of wisdom. She had an uncanny ability to not only know the right thing to do but also to carry it out, to see it through however difficult it appeared. So when she advised something I knew whatever it was she would do it herself. It really meant something, it had gravitas.

I still have friends of Katie's and mine say "what would Katie do" when difficult situations arise. Sometimes I just get WWKD? on a text, the abbreviated version, which looks like a brand of booze. She would like that. "Drink one of these and you'll feel like you've been punched in the face by reality!" Like the devastating loss diet it probably wouldn't take off!

So in recent months it has influenced every important decision I have made, a little voice in my head when I'm scared to do the next right thing. Scared to put myself out into universe.

It influenced this blog and whether I should even start it.

4 weeks ago as a direct result of writing my first blog I was contacted and asked if I would take part in a campaign. I will be able to tell you all about it in a couple of weeks once it launches. The campaign is aimed at matters very close to Katie's heart and it wasn't difficult to make a decision though all of these new situations I find myself in are filled with dread.

After the lady on the phone had fully explained the idea and hope for the campaign she asked me if I would be interested. I was standing in our kitchen at the time.

"Of course I am" I answered. "For 2 reasons. The first is because I want to, the second is despite how daunting it is I am afraid if I say no the cupboards around me will open and knifes, forks and plates will coming flying towards my head!"

It's what Katie would do.....

Love and hugs to all



  1. WWKD - love it! Hope you're well x

  2. You're a greater writer Dan. Love your words xx

    1. Thanks mate, appreciate it xx

    2. Daniel. Whatever you think my heart goes out to you.
      Yours blog is a tremendous help to others like myself who are going through this

  3. I think about WWKD all the time.

    The cupboard's opening really made me lol - amazing as always - thank you XXX

    1. Thanks broccoli, only a few weeks Rilke i see you!! Xx

  4. very inspiring. keep writing and sharing with us please. so sorry for your loss

  5. So well done Daniel. This is an amazing blog an no I know how hard it's been, but also must feel so right for you. And you're right..if it's something close to her heart...she'd find a way to let you know you must!! ����

    1. Thank you Jane, yeh I think it's pretty clear when Katie wants something, we have both experienced that separately and together!! Xx

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